Are Your Making This Common Desktop vs Mobile Career Site SEO Mistake?

If you are using one URL for your desktop career site ( and another URL for your mobile career site ( you could be making a very common and easily fixable SEO mistake.

If you do a search for your career site in Google “Company Name Jobs or Careers” and see both the desktop and mobile version of your career site displayed in desktop search results, (see image below) you’ll want to put this on your list of things to fix as it is likely negatively impacting your search engine rankings.

Mobile Desktop Career Site SEO Mistake

The fix is pretty simple…

To better help Google understand the relationship between your desktop and mobile site and prevent any negative ranking impact you’ll want to add “alternative” and “canonical” tags to each of the sites.

  1. On the desktop page, add a special link rel=”alternate” tag pointing to the corresponding mobile URL. This helps Googlebot discover the location of your site’s mobile pages.
  2. On the mobile page, add a link rel=”canonical” tag pointing to the corresponding desktop URL.

Learn more at Google Webmasters.