Google Print Ads

Google Print Ads Program

Google’s bringing the print world online with their new addition – Google Print Ads.

Google Print is a new (beta) product integrated into the AdWords console. It gives advertisers the ability to run ads in local newspapers across the U.S.

Currently the newspaper advertising options cover 32 of the top 35 designated market areas as defined by SRDS Media Solutions.

Check Out Google Print

If you’d like to see the Google Print screenshots, Andy Beal from Marketing Pilgrim was fortunate enough to snag them.

I am interested in seeing if this program will stick around a while and whether or not it will be an effective form of advertising that produces a good ROI.

Will this help us broadcast our open jobs and bring in quality candidates?

Doubtful, It is my belief that the internet replaced newpapers a few years back, at least for my 30 something generation, but since I have money in the budget to try the newest technologies, I am going to give it a try and report back my findings.

I just have a question for Google – How long until billboards can be purchased through the AdWords Admin?

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